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Rokeby Sports Hall

Rokeby School is a top achieving sports school that consistently ranks amongst the top 20% of state comprehensive schools in England they were named National sports School of the year in
2011 by a major broadsheet.

Elite Engineering were contracted to supply and install all electrical LED infrastructure and lighting within the clients Sports Hall.

Rokeby School wanted a high-performance lighting array that would propel the school forward as well as keeping costs down.

Elite Engineering lighting designers produced a custom solution to support their needs. Elite Engineering worked in partnership with Sylvania to calculate exactly how many lights were needed
to create the exact about of lumens to the whole area leaving no dark areas.

Elite installed 60 x Sylvania Sports Bay 349 RAP.840

Haverstock School


Haverstock School is a comprehensive school based in Camden.

Elite Engineering’s installation team self managed a complex installation helping to bring a delayed project back on schedule and on budget.

The school is Camden’s first private finance initiative (PFI) school and underwent a £21 million re-build in 2006.

Haverstock School was after carrying out a full site LED upgrade. Again we worked with Sylvania on getting the right lights for the right job.

Haverstock unfortunately had no up-to-date drawings. Elite Engineering surveyed the school and with our designers got a full set of drawings and recommendations from Sylvania on the
perfect light for the job.

Greenford School

Greenford School appointed Elite Engineering to carry out the lifecycle upgrade of their lights from conventional to LED.


Haringey Sixth Form

Haringey Sixth Form wanted to carry out a test phase to swap all their corridor lights from conventional to LED.

Lister School

Lister School Reception Extension

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